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About Twisted Intimacy

Building Your Confidence through intimacy, love, and sensuality

Twisted Intimacy connects women, singles, and couples on their healing journeys by increasing their knowledge about intimacy, love, and sensuality through hosting classes and events that are fun, engaging, and a safe space to increase your divine feminine energy.

Taking a class or attending an event will have you looking in the mirror with the biggest smile and a confident attitude. 

By focusing on Intimacy, Love, and Sensuality, you will see how these 3 subjects not only affect your romantic life but also your everyday life. 

Why Twisted Intimacy

Increase Self-love





Become more flexible

Intimacy  Techniques

Professional Instructor

My Mission

Through intimacy and sensuality coaching, Twisted Intimacy connects with women, singles, and couples on their healing journeys by discovering self-love and self-intimacy through sensual body movement and sexual health education.

Twisted Intimacy is a company that blends intimacy, love, and sensuality to enhance one’s healing journey through discovery of self and connection with others. We help women, singles, and couples embrace and express the intimacy within themselves through communication, sexual health education, and sensual body movement.

My Vision

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