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about Twisted Intimacy

Become Confident in Intimacy, Love, & Sensuality

Twisted Intimacy provides a safe space for women, singles, and couples, to learn the foundations of intimacy, love, and sensuality  to become more confident, intentional, and seductive. Every class, workshop, and presentation will support:

  • Improving your relationship with self and others

  • Comfortability with your body

  • Stronger Communication Skills

Benefits of Twisted Intimacy

Increase Self-love





Become more flexible

Intimacy  Techniques

Professional Instructor

My Mission

We provide a space to strategize your life to have a healthy relationship with yourself personally, professionally, and socially.

Twisted Intimacy is a company that blends intimacy, love, and sensuality to enhance one’s healing journey through discovery of self and connection with others. We help women, singles, and couples embrace and express the intimacy within themselves through communication, sexual health education, and sensual body movement.

My Vision


Services Offered

Have you wanted to work with me or have me as your coach?

Here is how we can make that happen:

1-1 Coaching

Personalized, customized, and private  sessions to fit your specific healing journey needs

Workshops & Group Classes

Join various workshops and group classes. Most classes and workshops are virtual.

Speaker Engagements

Catch me at your next business, sexual health, or networking conference or podcast.

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