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Cheers to My Very First Blog Post! So what's Twisted Intimacy? Better yet, What is an intimacy coach? What is Intimacy?

Updated: May 12

Hey ya'll! My name is Monika, owner of Twisted Intimacy!

I am an intimacy coach, sensual dance instructor, business consultant, speaker, and author. I started Twisted Intimacy about 4 years ago and have supported over 100 women and people with vulvas through group coaching, 1-1 coaching, workshops, private parties, and retreats.

Picture of owner of Twisted Intimacy
Welcome to my blog! Learn about what an intimacy coach is and what intimacy actually is

What is intimacy?

Intimacy means a closeness or familiarity, according to the textbook definition. My definition takes this meaning a little deeper. I define intimacy as being able to be vulnerable with yourself and others.

So what is an intimacy coach?

 An intimacy coach is a person that helps you to learn how to love yourself, know your need and desires, and helps you face your shadow. Don't get this twisted with therapy or counseling because this is not that; a good intimacy coach should recommend you to a therapist or counselor if the person needs a clinical diagnosis or medical prescription.

My goal as an intimacy coach is to help women become confident, intentional, and seductive through learning the principles of intimacy, love and sensuality. I use my Sacral Womb Mindfulness methodology to prioritize womb health, mindfulness principles, and body movement to promote womb health advocacy, peace of mind, and a stronger flexible bodies.

Not bad for my first blog!

Listen, starting this blog is something new; maybe I have been scared to do this or had a fear of additional work. I'm not too sure. All I know is that I am definitely going to do my best to stay consistent, give ya'll some of my thoughts, and hey maybe you'll look into me being your coach one day.

Want to learn more about me, my coaching, or even toys? Check out my website here and sign up for my mailing list!!



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