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Class & Event Descriptions

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Twisted Sensuality

Twisted Sensuality is a sensual body movement class to connect you with your divine feminine energy. When you are able to know what you like, how your body moves, and what you want your goals to be, you will be able to create loving relationships within yourself and others. Who is this for? This is catered towards women and people with vulvas. What should I wear? Yoga or athleisure wear Knee pads or thigh high socks Is this available virtually? Yes!

1.0 Liquid Motion

To quote Jeni, the founder of Liquid Motion®, "Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and movement education that is brought to the general public through safe, fun, and educational classes and certification trainings worldwide."


This is a fun and sensual way to embrace your feminine energy and to teach you how to be fluid and intentional with your movements. 

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Intimacy Journey

This intimacy journey class will help you build your confidence, practice self-love, and prioritizing self-care. I will share the tips, techniques, and resources that I have utilized that have really changed my perspective of what intimacy, love, and sensuality even is. 

This a safe space for women and people with vulvas that discussing about intimacy, our bodies, sensuality, and communication styles adds an increased self-awareness that our society doesn't teach us.

No more feeling ashamed of yourself or that you're not this perfect being. The goal is for you to understand that you are unique, you matter, and you must learn to love yourself first. 

Bedroom Goddess

Get to learn about your body and create your own self-intimacy plan! What does that mean? It means you will be able to learn various self foreplay techniques, masturbation tips, and about different toys and how they can work for you. No more blaming your partner for NOT giving you an orgasm. YOU and only YOU are responsible for your orgasm.


This class is VIRTUAL and an educational class. Only those that identify as WOMEN or person with a vulva may attend.

Couple's Sensuality

Are you and your partner wanting to understand each other more? Or maybe you want to learn more about yourself so that you can have better communication in and out of the bedroom. In this class, you will learn not only various communication techniques to help or your intimacy journey, you will also learn various sensual body movement techniques and bedroom positions you can try.


This class is open to couples, singles, and all gender identities.

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