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Twisted Intimacy

Embrace your intimacy, love and sensuality


Twisted Intimacy

Become Confident, Intentional, & Seductive

Twisted Intimacy provides a safe space that connects women and couples to learn the foundations of intimacy, love, and sensuality to improve their relationship to self and others.

 i'm Monika,
your intimacy & sensuality coach!

Here's a little about me:

Monika, owner and founder of Twisted Intimacy LLC., is a certified Sexual Health Professional from Indiana University, certified in several sensual body movement styles, and has been on her own intimacy journey for multiple years. Her motto is "You cannot love anyone else until you learn how to love yourself."


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Introduction Video Part 1

Introduction Video Part 1

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Kiana C, VA

It's very rare to find workshops that are fun and informative! Twisted Intimacy has that! It truly feels like a safe space to experience and explore things about your`self.


~Kiana C.

Monique W, MI

I am enjoying all of the hard work you put in each segment. Had no idea it would be in depth!

~Monique W.

Erin S, MD

What I absolutely LOVE about the class is that it’s not just information being thrown at you, I also found myself laughing HYSTERICALLY because Monika is so funny and definitely keeps it interesting. Very engaging, insightful, and creative (she crochets her own sex organ diagrams! Like seriously, what?!). I definitely recommend her classes and I’m looking forward to the next session!

~Erin S.

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