Twisted Intimacy

Embrace your intimacy, love and sensuality

Master Your Intimacy

Master Your Intimacy has classes that teaches you how to be confident, twerk, do sexy floorwork, and learn about yourself from the inside out. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, and join today!

"Being able to be vulnerable with yourself will allow you to have intimacy with others"

Intimacy Journey Kit

Looking for new, fun, and helpful products that will enhance your intimacy journey? Each box includes a free exclusive class for subscribers


Hey ya'll!
I'm Monika

Intimacy and Sensuality Expert

Monika, owner and founder of Twisted Intimacy LLC., is a certified Sexual Health Professional from Indiana University, a certified Twerk Technician, and a certified 1.0 Liquid Motion Instructor. She uses her knowledge and expertise to bring events and classes about intimacy, love, and sensuality.


  • Sensual Body Movement and Floorwork Class
    1 hr
  • Learn the foundations of love, intimacy, and senusality
    1 hr
  • Building Flexibility, Confidence, and Techniques
    1 hr
  • A Bedroom Positions Class for Women and People with Vulvas
  • A class for couples, singles, and all gender identities.

Twisted Intimacy