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1-1 Intimacy Journey Coaching

My 1-1 Intimacy Journey Coaching Program is for those that want to connect with themselves, be able to have tools to navigate your intimacy journey, and help finding your purpose in this lifetime. This is not to replace medical or professional assistance; if you are looking for a therapists or counselor, I highly recommend seeking a therapist or counselor.

60-minute Session

Each session is 60 minutes; you may choose to focus on inner healing or sensual body movement techniques, such as Liquid Motion movements or twerk moves. 

Video Library Access

You will be provided with access to Twisted Intimacy's Video Library that includes tons of helpful videos for your intimacy journey. 

Intimacy Journey Assessement

An Intimacy Journey Assessment will be provided to help determine what part of your intimacy journey you are on.

Personality Assessment

A Tilt 365 Assessment will be provided for you to fill out. This assessment will let us know who and how you are when it comes to navigating through life and obstacles. 

Strengths Assessment

A StrengthFinders Assessment will be provided to help figure out your natural strengths. 

Twisted Intimacy Journey Workbook

A Twisted Intimacy Journey Workbook will be provided to help you navigate your intimacy journey with journaling, quick tips, and exercises for you to complete at your leisure. 

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