Meet Monika


Certified Sexual Health Professional, Twerk Technician, and 1.0 Liquid Motion Instructor

Monika is the owner and founder of Twisted Intimacy, which was born when she wanted to blend her knowledge of sexual health with body movement together into workshops and classes. Her goal for Twisted Intimacy is to share her knowledge and techniques about intimacy, love, and sensuality. When you attend a Twisted Intimacy event, you will learn to love yourself more. 

Monika is a certified Sexual Health Professional from Indiana University, a certified Twerk Technician, and a certified 1.0 Liquid Motion Instructor. Her interests include crocheting, playing videogames, pole dancing, and watching movies.

My Vision

Twisted Intimacy is blends intimacy, love, and sensuality to increase knowledge about connection with oneself and with others. We help individuals embrace and express the intimacy within themselves through communication, sexual health education, and sensual body movement.

My Mission

My mission is to teach people how to find the love within themselves by blending intimacy, love, and sensuality.